Dean Barber

About Barber Business Advisors, LLC

Corporate Location Analysis and Advisement
Whether it is relocating a corporate headquarters, expanding or consolidating a manufacturing footprint, or establishing new back office operations, Barber Business Advisors brings focus, consistency and efficiency to the corporate site selection process.

BBA employs cutting-edge technology and on-the-ground research to systematically identify optimal locations for companies’​ future operations. Wherever you need to be, we’ll take you there.

• Labor market analysis and workforce skills assessment
• Transportation infrastructure/logistics
• Tax burden
• Utility infrastructure and energy costs
• Business/regulatory climate and permitting
• Incentives Negotiation
• Quality of Life

Economic Development Consulting
BBA also provides practical solutions to communities that seek to enhance their competitive position. Our strategic/action planning provides a road map by which to leverage assets and address weaknesses. Our economic development consulting services include:

• SWOT Analysis and Strategic/Action Planning
• Target Industry Analysis and Business Development Strategies
• Labor Market Analysis
• Location Comparison/Evaluation and Benchmarking
• Site Certification

Dean Barber
Barber Business Advisors, LLC
2736 Golfing Green Drive
Dallas, Texas 75234
Office: 972-767-9518

  1. Dean:

    Looks Great! Congratulations.


  2. Dean,

    You always were a good writer, as well as a good economic developer. Congratulations on this and other ED stories of yours I’ve read recently.


  3. Dean,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Great info, and easy to read. Congratulations!


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  5. Dean, Thanks for another good article. I, like you have mixed emotions about the effect of right to work othen than the preception of right to work states. Growing up in a southern state and having to move to Michigan for a job (48 years ago). I see both sides oof this coin. I believe the reason for the foreign auto companies going to the states where they are located is for two main reasons. 1. Incentatives to locate there. Tax breaks and financial help in locating there. 2. Much cheaper electric rates as all use a lot of electric in production. Electric is 33% cheaper from TVA than it is in Michigan.I have a brother who lives in southern Ky. His electric rates are about half of what mine are in Michigan. there is a lot more than right to work involved in their decisions of where to locate.

  6. Dean,

    I have recently begun receiving your blogs and am really enjoying your insight. You are an excellent communicator!


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